Literacy and Decision Making Programs
Bringing Learning to Life since 1971

Some of this year’s GED recipients celebrate their achievement at Vita’s year-end award and graduation ceremony honoring Literacy and GED students.

Vita Education Services provides quality educational programs that help individuals gain skills that enhance their ability to deal with real-life situations, meet personal goals and become more self-determining and self-sufficient. Through literacy and decision-making programs, Vita brings learning to life for Bucks County adults, families and at-risk youth by helping them to develop skills that create opportunities for themselves, their families, and, in turn, the community.

Help Make The Difference

“Thanks to Vita’s programs my life has turned around. I now have more than a job; I now have a career.”

Yes, your support can help change lives by giving people educational opportunities that make a real difference. Individuals are increasingly aware of the need to improve their skills, and demand for our programs is high. We need your support to help keep these programs running. You can make the difference.

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Language Experience Approach:

Vita’s Language Experience Approach DVD is an instructional video that defines and demonstrates a variety of activities for English as a Second Language (ESL) and Literacy tutors. View and buy video

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