Message from the Executive Director



Linda Wolfson, Executive Director

“It takes a dedicated group of staff and volunteers to produce Vita’s quality programs. Their commitment,  expertise, and passion have helped Vita to expand its programs to serve larger numbers of adults than ever before. We value their work and recognize the contribution they have made in making Vita the lead literacy agency in Bucks County and the largest provider of educational programs at the Bucks County Correctional Facility.”


Karina Wegelius, Director of ESL Programs

Karina is responsible for the management, coordination and supervision of ESL classes, ESL tutoring, and Family Literacy at sites throughout Bucks County.


Mercedes Anderson: Director of Literacy and High School Programs

Mercedes is responsible for the management, coordination, and supervision of classes and tutoring of literacy and High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation at sites in the community and criminal justice system.

Gail Huber, Decisions Curriculum and Training Specialist

Gail Huber, Decisions Curriculum and Training Specialist

Gail is responsible for curriculum development, supervision, and training of facilitators and volunteers in Vita’s Decisions programs in the criminal justice system.

Vita Full and Part-Time Staff


(Standing) Betsy Uhl  –  Administrative Assistant, Andrea Kim – Family Literacy Teaching Assistant, Tina Ruckh – Family Literacy Instructor, Kevin Opett – ESL Tutoring,  Kathy White – Literacy Tutoring Coordinator, Agnes Kimball – Family Literacy Instructor, Ryan Kanoff – ESL Instructor, Danya Kane –  Criminal Justice Coordinator, Linda Block-Love – ABE Programs Coordinator

(Seated) Dottie Hence – Literacy Database Manager,  Iryna Yefimenko – Family Literacy Instructor, Madaline Diane – CareerLink® Workshop Facilitator, Judy Schaeffer – Communications Coordinator, Saba Fletcher – Educational Transitions Coordinator

Ancillary Staff
Nineteen ESL and HSE Instructors
Seven Decisions Facilitators and Assistant Facilitators

Seventy ESL and Literacy Volunteer Tutors
Thirty-five Decisions Volunteer Tutors
One office volunteer