Developing Critical Thinking Skills

GH & LW Gaedited Atlanta, Georgia (Sept. 28, 2015) Vita’s Executive Director Linda Wolfson and Gail Huber, Vita’s Decisions Curriculum and Training Specialist, were invited to present a workshop at the Technical College System of Georgia’s Adult Education Fall Conference. The workshop, “Developing Critical Thinking Skills to Support Persistence,” was well received by attendees.

The workshop focused on teaching critical thinking skills to adult learners at risk of dropping out of adult education programs by using students’ own challenging situations. The new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act recognizes critical thinking as an essential component of work preparation activities. Improvement of these skills benefits at-risk leaners transitioning to work or further education.

Participants were introduced to the Decisions process used by Vita in its literacy program to develop critical thinking skills needed to clarify goals, solve problems, and make decisions that benefits at-risk leaners transitioning to work or further education.

Vita has been teaching its Decisions process to at-risk populations for over forty years. Vita’s decision-making programs are Decisions For Living for incarcerated adults, Decisions For Action for adults in basic education settings, Decisions For Change for adults on probation or parole, and Decisions for Teens for at-risk teens. These unique copyrighted materials are now available for purchase on Vita’s website