Life-long Learner

Lister is a student participating in one of Vita’s small tutoring groups at the Levittown Library. He is a dedicated student who is always prepared and willing to do the work required for each class. Lister has always been open to learning and enjoys going to the library to read biographies and books about other subjects that interest him. He has had several careers, first as an Army infantryman, then working for Conrail and Amtrak, and later at a chicken processing plant. Instead of relaxing in his retirement, Lister has set his sights on getting a job working with the elderly. Lister knew he needed to improve his academic skills to attain this next career goal, so he reached out to Vita. He reports that his current tutors, Sheryl and Bailey, have been very helpful to him and are doing a great job with his instruction. The tutors say that Lister is an inspirational life-long learner.