Persistence = Success

Doylestown (March 6, 2012)  There is increasing evidence that what adult education students need to be successful in reaching their goals is persistence. It’s a simple idea really:  in order to improve their literacy skills, students need to show up for a program and stay long enough to accomplish something.

For the last three years, Vita Education Services has been developing a case management system to encourage persistence. From the moment students come to orientation to the point at which they have completed Vita’s program, care has been taken to assure that they are given the attention they need to succeed.

Case management brings to mind a social service or medical model. Educational case management is different. Vita staff defines it as the individual attention and support students need to set goals, to come to class, and to assume responsibility for their learning.  

Our state funder is taking the issue of persistence very seriously. To that end, they have now mandated that “case management “ take place in all adult education programs as a way of getting students to persevere in their studies.

Our instructors, both tutors and teachers alike,  play an important role in case management by helping students clarify their goals, encouraging their efforts, and providing quality instruction that offers the means for students to monitor their own progress.

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