The Road to Citizenship

Wendy arrived in 2008 from Honduras. She couldn’t speak, write or read English. She experienced culture shock and found it difficult at first not knowing the language. She found it especially frustrating not being able to communicate with her children’s teachers and the school administration. Wendy set some goals for herself. She would learn the language, get a driver’s license, find a job to help her family and eventually get her United States citizenship. She soon received her driver’s license and got a night time job in a party favors factory. In 2014, Wendy enrolled in the Family Literacy program at Vita. She came to school during the day and worked at night. She worked hard to improve her English and now has progressed to an advanced ESL class. She is much more comfortable communicating in her children’s school and all other areas of her life. This past January, Wendy passed her U.S. citizenship exam. She is eagerly anticipating her swearing in ceremony. She dreams of becoming a real estate salesperson one day.