Vita Presents at National Conference

CEA Logo Linda Wolfson, Vita’s Executive Director, and Vita’s Curriculum and Training Specialist, Gail Huber, recently presented a workshop at the Correctional Education Association (CEA) International Leadership Forum in Marksville, Louisiana. CEA is a professional organization for educators in adult and juvenile corrections settings.

The topic of the presentation was “Teaching Decision Making in a Criminal Justice Setting.” Attendees included teachers and administrators from jails, prisons, probation departments and university faculty from around the country.

The workshop was based on Vita’s 45-year history of teaching its Decisions process to at-risk populations in a variety of criminal justice and community settings. These include incarcerated adults, probationers, teens, and adult basic education students. Vita has developed unique, copyrighted Decisions curriculum materials for each of these populations. Click Here for more information about these products.